Little Big Kid


Favorite middle school quote of the day:

“Oh, that’s the new student teacher? I thought she was an eighth grader…”

Awesome. It’s so interesting to me how many different roles I can play in a day. How I still have this incredible fear of ‘grown ups’ (when will that fade, I wonder?) and yet I am instructing students in the classroom, who may sometimes just be six years younger than I. I feel old and boring (I wore a BLAZER today), being here in Abilene two years post-graduation, and then like a young and reckless child as I peruse the Facebook pictures of my friends with beautiful children of their own. I call my mother, desperate for advice, and dispense sage wisdom to eager high school seniors. Where am I? Some days I feel like I’m playing dress up. And then I crack open the latest book I’m reading for my online book club as I curl up in the covers, adjusting my glasses and excited that I’m in bed before eleven.


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