pre-semi-extreme home makeover


This picture was taken the moment we first laid eyes on the little blue house that would become our home!

On April 24, I took little Sophie to her new house armed with naught but painting supplies, Harry Potter audiobooks, a stepladder and some Zinfandel. This is our office before the green paint.

After hours of painting, the room was green. I thought a plant would make it more friendly-looking. Also, I needed to find the nearest Walmart.

We (I) made the decision that our bedroom absolutely needed to be blue. Some birthday money arrived and immediately made its way to Lowe’s. And our room began to be blue.

At this point, I admit, I was becoming a bit tired of painting.

Our first meal in the Blue House. One large supreme thin and crispy pizza from Pizza Hut, and yes we killed the whole thing in one setting. Koby is eating (right out of the box, the best way) on our coffee table in our still unfurnished living room. I can’t wait to post pictures now that we’re almost done ‘decorating’.


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