Thank you, Ancient Chinese people….


Today was Day 1 at the Grace Art camp “Daring Drawings and Curious Colors.”

Twenty-three six and seven year olds were dropped off and checked in around nine in the morning, then made their way upstairs and found seats at long (and LOW! so tiny!) tables which were covered in craft paper.

‘Draw your name’ they found written on each table, and like small Alices in their own Wonderlands, they heeded the direction of the written words to varying degrees.

The names ranged from the very simple

To the very elaborate

After introductions, we began talking about some new words. ANCIENT and PRINTMAKING and TEXTURE. We discussed all the reasons we should be thankful for the Ancient Chinese and their brilliance (thank you for eyeglasses, fireworks, and KITES!) then set upon making our own paper kites. We folded and folded and folded and taped and… voila! Kites! Next we began the printmaking process using styrofoam – our subjects were animals with good texture. Behold some of my favorite kite prints:

A cat.

A lion.

Kangaroo and … BONUS! Joey too.

A bear.

Favorite quotes of the day!
“Art camp is sooooo fun!”
“You’re the best.” (And a hug.)
After alerting me at the end of the day to the fact that he was actually going into the third grade and therefore in the wrong camp, a camper saying

“No, I want to stay,”

after I told him we could switch him into the right camp.


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