Evolution of Inspiration


After deciding I didn’t want a sign-in book at the wedding (it’d just get packed away), I began brainstorming ideas for different twists on the tradition. Originally, I wanted something like this I found on Etsy:

But of course, I’m difficult and I wanted to make my own. I sought out a place in Abilene where I could find original pieces of wood. The only place I found had cedar, but it ended up being too dark for what I wanted/needed.

So, I decided maybe something like this:

…but… of course… I needed to add a little something to it. So I bought a similar frame at Hobby Lobby, purchased the cheapest watercolors I could find (after frustratedly remembering ALL my art supplies are already in Sweetwater) which happen to be infused with SHIMMER, and set to work sprucing up our frame.

End product:

Our picture is a smidge too small, so I’ll either have to find a fun scrapbook border or order a larger print. Also, I’m not completely sold on using this particular shot.

Here is a close up of the birds in progress.

I can’t wait to see the truly finished product – with all of our friends and families’ names scrawled on as well!


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