Go Fly a Kite


I’d have posted these pictures sooner (they’re so fun!) but my time off today was dominated by irritating phone conversations with Suddenlink communications, with whom I have unfinished business, to be reconciled in the very near future. Long story short, the second and very unprofessional employee I spoke with repeatedly told me I had not paid a balance, discredited and patronized my intelligence, and was ultimately incorrect about nearly every thing she said. Long story shorter, I am not and never will again be a customer of Suddenlink communications, and the third and more civil employee confirmed that I was right and the idiot girl was wrong. That may have not been shorter, but it felt good to say.

While I was wanting to tell our second employee to go fly a kite, what I really wanted to be doing was posting these kite candids!

We FINALLY added string to our kites and the time had come to test them out…

Being as it’s irresponsible to take small children anywhere near a busy road when attempting to fly kites, our only option was the courtyard of the Grace. It had plenty of space…

But an absence of any wind. Campers began to think creatively, racing down ramps to gain some momentum, and generally running around like mad until their kites would raise above arm level.

This method of new kite flying led to lots of stepped-on tails and tangles. But the kids still had a lot of fun, and they were fun to watch.

Grace campers found themselves busy today; we finished our t-shirts, completed the second step in our glue line foil relief project (can’t wait for these pictures!) and began our Eyptian cat paintings. The kids expressed disbelief about the Ancient Egyptians’ extreme love for their cats: did you know that the Egyptians would shave their eyebrows to express their mourning when their pet cats passed away?

We definitely kept things moving along today – here are some students working hard on their Egyptian paintings (you can see them working out which hieroglyphic letters correspond with the ones needed to write their own names) and some of my favorite snapshots of their responses to today’s drawing warm-up, ‘draw yourself as a GROWN UP’.


Owner of a record label?

This student aspires to become an architect with an impressive blue beard.

Offspring ‘Rocky’ and ‘Sophie’ included.

Entire house and home furnishings included.

Can’t believe camp is more than halfway over!


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