"I’m done! Look, I’m doooone! What do I do now?"


We’re about to go into picture overload, but bear with me. The last two days of camp FLEW by! It’s over, and I can’t believe it.

Here are some shots from Thursday, when we finished our glue line foil reliefs. They look stunning!

Our example undersea creature was a jellyfish… so we had lots of those. I love jellyfish!

Luci LOVED dolphins. I’m pretty surprised she didn’t sneak one into her Ancient Egyptian cat painting…

Mermaid, obviously.

And now… LAST day! We finished up our Ancient Egyptian treasures, our martian/garden paintings, and worked on sunset watercolors (no pictures). I could definitely see a difference in behavior by the end of the week… the campers had gotten, er, very comfortable with me, and I felt like I was constantly saying ‘no’ and ‘sit down’ and ‘STOP!’, but as the day drew to an end, nearly every student approached me, sadly telling me how much they’d miss me (and I thought I was being so mean!)and how they DID NOT want to leave Grace Art Camp…

Note the students’ names in hieroglyphics!

Completed Martian/Marigold paintings…

(Detail – thought the little martians inside the ship were too cute!)

And finally, today’s drawing prompt: your favorite Art Camp memory!

(I’m the one drawn on the right. I wore my glasses all week. Ha.)


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