Unemployment Day 1 / Honeymoon Day 1


So, married life begins. I am considering this Monday my first official day of unemployment. As I embark upon my (hopefully short-lived) quest to find a job, I figured I’d fill every one in on my views of being jobless and the awesomeness that was our Jamaican honeymoon in day-by-day installments.

Unemployment Day #1:
Woke up at 10:00 am, did laundry half-heartedly, moved gift-wrapping trash around the house. Received the mail, deposited checks, called about a job opening, got an interview, ate lunch with Koby, spent too much money at Walmart, fed the dogs, folded laundry, made pink lemonade, thought about blogging, tried to find the scanner cord, gave up and began this entry.

Honeymoon Day #1:
Our first full day in Jamaica was Monday, July the 12th.

The view from our balcony on Monday morning.

Cool refreshments before heading to the hot beach.

Ahh, room service. Steak and potatoes, can you beat it? I think Koby had about five of these babies.

Ready for our first ‘fancy’ dinner night at the French restaurant on the resort, Bordeaux.

As planned, we met up with couple Brittaney and Mark for dinner. They were so much fun and we ended up hanging out with them nearly every evening! AND they’re from Ohio!

View from our balcony at night-time.

Our amazing, incredibly comfortable and large room. Okay, I want to go back.


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