Honeymoon Day 4


Last Thursday (full day #4 of the honeymoon), Koby and I took a trip to Dunn’s River Falls, which is a famous waterfall/natural water park in Jamaica. We took lots of climbing-up-the-waterfall (seriously!) pictures, but they’re all on the waterproof camera. I’ll post those as soon as I locate the cord I need to load them on the computer.

When we got back, we ate at the Blue Mountain Restaurant, which serves local Jamaican dishes. Koby tried curry for the first time (and we have decided that as a couple, we hate curry) and I had more potatoes, fish and vegetables.

There were orchids everywhere.

Jamaican take on the Spring Roll.

After dinner, we met up with our couple friends again. Here’s a picture of us girls; Brittaney, Lauren and me.

Another friend, Shannon, tells Brittaney a story.

Jason keeps the show going in the Piano Bar. It was a fun night.


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