On Those Days I’m Not Painting


Now, I like clothes/shoes/jewelry as much as the next girl who doesn’t care that much about those things. I like what I like, I have boring and awesome clothes and I still buy things at Walmart because I think $3 for a shirt is rarely not worth it. But. I. Love. Anthropologie. It’s almost enough that’d turn me into a girl who blogged about fashion, and not about food and fishing and fingerpainting. Anthropolgie gets me man, it GETS me. When you walk into one of their stores, it’s like walking into graphic design made three-dimensional. I love it. The patterns, the textures – you’re inside a magnificent painting or a photograph. LOVE it.

Anyway, on days when we’re not painting or paper mache-ing or … when I’m not around high schoolers I’d wear these things.

The Phlox and Coral Coat.

Sliced Olive Heels. Yum.

Tea House Cardi.

Cathedral Facade Tights.

Saving the best for last: the Three Part Top.

In less superficial news, school starts in T-minus three days. I arrived at my classroom today and found this goodie-filled welcome basket from the rest of the staff: I’m loving this place! Favorite goodie? Hmmmm… Scentsy room spray (which took care of a weird smell near my desk) aaaaaand a working stapler. And tape dispenser. I really like Scotch tape. Oh and a cookbook courtesy of the Home Ec. Dept. that I’m pretty excited to peruse.


One thought on “On Those Days I’m Not Painting

  1. I'm glad to have your Christmas wish list this early in the game! We loooove Anthro too! There's a new big store going in on University in Ft. Worth…HOLLA!! Love you!


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