Koby and I have been experiencing a strange phenomenon for the past few months – it seems that we can’t help but make hasty decisions that turn out to be… well, the wrong decisions. As we sat today, screaming at our television for blocking the only football game we (or maybe just I, being the one who was yelling the loudest) really wanted to watch (for the second time in a row), we made a list of these ill-advised decisions in chronological order.

Mistake #1: Renting a house with no dish washer.
Mistake #2: Choosing AT&T as our cell phone service carrier.
Mistake #3: Meli Cat (Love her, but Koby’s allergies don’t.)
Mistake #4: DirectTv (Can’t watch my Horns or my Boys. Koby doesn’t really care about either of these teams, but I’m sure he’s become less and less amused with my tantrums directed at the tv screen.)

As a result of mistake numbers two and four, it would be EXTREMELY ill-advised for us to pay for our own internet. As (stolen) internet has become our only connection with the outside world, one could almost classify this as Mistake #5.


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