Becoming an Adult


After listening to one of my classes joke and moan about how ‘annoying’ and ‘dorky’ their parents are, I spoke up,

“Listen, y’all. One day, you’re all going to realize that you’re not cool – not only that, you’ll realize you never were. And at this precise moment, you’ll become an adult.”


“No really. I realized I’m not cool a few years ago. Now I am truly an adult.”

More laughter.

“And this is why I’m dressed up like a pumpkin today.”

Becoming an adult has opened up for me a world of entirely new opportunities previously deemed ‘uncool’. (And I use the word ‘pumpkin’ very loosely, as my costume actually consisted of one men’s burnt orange pocket tee, assorted colors of construction paper and Easter grass. Which does not necessarily add up to ‘pumpkin’, as was pointed out by 90% of my students. Happy Halloween.)

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