Freaks and Geeks (Like Me)


This past weekend I traveled to Austin to attend the TAEA (Texas Art Education Assocation) Conference for Art Educators. It was good to spend some time with family, friends, and fellow educators/friends. I loved being in Austin again – excellent food to eat, sooooo many clothes to lust after, wonderful weather…

I visited the Mechinuses on Wednesday night for dinner and the Elmo show with Lyla. I loved spending time with Marie and her daughter, AND I got some great ideas for crafts/art projects before even attending the conference workshops.

Of course, I hung out with Momma

walked around downtown

attended workshops, including one led by fellow art freak and friend, Hartley

saw fellow geeks at the Comicon Convention – I didn’t see my friend Joey but I DID see R2D2

quite possibly a dream come true.

I was overloaded with tons of ideas and inspiration, surrounded by so many artists, teachers, and amazing student work, which I’ll post later, along with some other geekpics I snapped during the rare moments the art freaks and the geeks converged in the hallway outside our respective ‘exhibition areas’.

While I was gorging upon artwork and relishing in the fact that I could eat food besides BBQ and Mexican (although there is nothing wrong with either of these food genres) Koby was hunting in Throckmorton. He got his 2010 buck on Saturday morning, and I am already planning where we’ll hang his horns. I have this fabulous frame and a quirky idea…


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