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These things made me very sad/angry while watching the Super Bowl (and no, it wasn’t Christina Aguilera’s lyrical woes, nor was it how utterly awful Fergie’s voice is)…

Whichever car commercial it was that advertised a new car that could be programmed to scream out streaming Facebook updates… wow.

The Best Buy ‘buy back’ program, which fosters our materialistic urges to the max.



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  1. I am so tired of singers trying to “jazz-up” the Star Spangled Banner! Just sing it the way it is supposed to be sung. I was priviliged to hear Rick Trevino sing the anthem at a local high school basketball game recently and he sang it “normal” without all the crazy voice fluxuations and it was great! I was totally embarrased to hear the way the anthem was sung at the super bowl this year. ok, I feel better now.


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