Fox Hunt


WARNING: This entire post discusses decorations for the baby’s nursery. Not things related to the nursery, but all things directly involving decor and planning. You’ve been warned.

Today we picked up a $20 side table for the recliner in the nursery. I’ve settled on a color scheme for the room:

So I painted the little table, exciting to be ‘doing something’ to get ready for the baby. Here’s a before and after.

For now, the nursery is still a hodge-podge of what we have so far, strewn together with the items we still don’t have places for in the house yet. (Yes, this can be stressful for the anal-retentive side of my personality, which rears its ugly head whenever I step in the room. In fact, even typing about it is irritating me.) So, I’ve been window shopping online for idea possibilites to recreate our little boy’s room.

“Foxes” is the chosen theme for the nursery, so I’m planning on collecting eclectic pictures/paintings/prints like this with red and furry foxes for the room. I also had my mom dig out this guy

from the recesses of our family garage where all my old Beanie Babies are still stored. I just knew they’d come in handy someday! (One down, two hundred and forty two to go…)

Koby’s Gram is generously making us a baby quilt and matching curtains for the nursery – I can’t wait to see what she creates! Weeeeee.


2 thoughts on “Fox Hunt

  1. I'm loving that your dad commented about the beanie babies!! I remember driving down the road and getting really excited if I saw a store with the “ty” tag in the window. Glad to know I wasn't the only kid hoping beanie babies would age like wine.


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