For My Next Trick…


“Ahhhhh….” This is the sound you’d hear me making if you were lounging along with me in my living room right now. Koby’s out of town to Graham and I’ve been getting caught up on some things – including GRADING (big sigh of relief), lesson planning for school and Grace Academy this summer, laundry, and some nursery things. I think it’s safe to say that the following accurately describes me:

I purchased some letters today at The Dragonfly boutique downtown… these cute felt ornaments were half off, so I got them all for $7! Since we don’t know what we’ll be naming the Blob yet, I got a variety based on our favorite names so far. (And the obvious “A”.) Curious to know the names? So is every one else. Here’s what we’re thinking so far.

– Beau Brandon
– Charles Wesley
– Shane Thomas

Obviously, these are subject to change. So don’t be surprised when we name him Frances or something.

Today I gathered up some things I acquired for free and decided to make them over… whether or not I’ll actually use any of the things I painted today remains to be seen, but it seems imperative that I do something to curb my nesting cravings.

I’m not quite sure whether I’ll be using No. 3 – I’m not crazy about the way it turned out. It’s still a very tacky frame (though sometimes I dig tacky) but I thought about having a sweet prayer printed and matted within the frame. We’ll see how it looks once I have more pieces in the nursery. Not sure it’ll go. As for No. 2, I am hoping to turn it into a miniature black board. Something like this:

The beautiful crib Randy and Mardi generously gave to us as a baby gift is slowly filling up with the things I can’t stop creating…

Speaking of gifts, my mom picked up these cute little dudes at IKEA the other day for outrageously cheap. Can’t wait to get them into the room, they’re so cute!

(She didn’t get the scary wolf boxes, obvi.)

This plush plays a lullaby when you pull on his tail!

And now I need to pack my own traveling bag – I’m heading to Arlington tomorrow for a Student Council convention I’m attending until Tuesday.


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