Things are Better with Pictures


Here’s something fun that’s been happening lately – I can’t go for more than two or three hours without a full-sized meal. I seem to be entertaining the following thought frequently “Hmmm… (insert any non-strenuous daily activity here) really made me hungry…” Case in point: today, after the world’s fastest doctor’s appointment, I thought to myself, “Wow, it’s barely 4:30 but Blob and I think DINNER TIME!!” So I waddled into Sharky’s before the Senior Citizens were even thinking about packing up for supper. I commented today that it’s good that I live about 70 miles from the lovely shop, or else my incessant desire for their rolled wonders of burrito bliss might cause Baby Andrews to pop out rolled up in his own little tortilla, demanding bottles of spicy ranch. (Yes, the unrealistic part of this scenario is my newborn’s immediate speech ability.) I couldn’t get this image out of my head while driving all the way back to Colorado City, and so I had to create this illustration on the computer when I got home.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s weird but it made me laugh and I hope it makes you laugh too, even if you’re semi-uncomfortable.

In other news, Koby is disenchanted with all the names we’ve chosen so far. Keep in mind, he is also the team member of this dynamic duo who was all for naming the baby when we found out he was a boy weeks ago. Thanks to my common sense I feel that we have narrowly escaped being the parents who rename their child five times before he is even born. Koby’s re-obsessed with the name he’s been championing for a son since … well, a son was just a wee idea in Koby’s fickle head. What do we think of


Once upon a time, I teased Koby about this name because it seemed so trendy, and trendiness is the opposite of the man I know and love as my husband. (“It’s not trendy!” he says and I reply “It has an x in it.”) It seems like something Brad Pitt would name his son. (Did he??) But maybe it’s growing on me? It rhymes with

God has seriously blessed me with a friend who is exactly five weeks behind me in her own pregnancy. Sarah and her husband are expecting their first child, also a boy, in August. (Her name should be lit up because it’s a link to her blog – I hesitate to tell you to read it because she’s incredibly funny and you may all forsake me once you visit there. But really, go read it.) I was just chatting with her today about all things double-x chromosome and told her that I have found myself calling the Blob “Baby Koby” in my head. I guess I’m already thinking he’ll be a little clone – I keep seeing this blond, curly headed and nameless little kid stomping through the house in my mind’s eye. I can’t wait to witness the real thing!


3 thoughts on “Things are Better with Pictures

  1. That Sarah person is so freaking funny!!! I'm never reading your blog again.

    (But seriously…I'm so glad your surprise coincided with my surprise so we can talk about all of these things. Life saver.)


  2. I do believe Brangelina named one of their kids Knox. But I know a Knox that belongs to a real-life couple and he is precious.

    And I want to take pictures of your child. I already know it will be cute. I'll buy a fox as a prop.


  3. The name Knox is kind of growing on me although not crazy about following the Brangelina lead…but who cares! Am still kind of partial to Shayne(with a y) Thomas Andrews. Sounds like a winner to me!:) But as Koby says, “don't overthink it”! We will love him no matter whatcha call him.


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