Lake and Lovie


This weekend was Big Floyd’s Big Party (aka the final showers for Miss Belinda Floyd before she becomes Mrs. Williams)! We had a great time at my in-laws’ lakehouse. As the school days dwindle down and my brain becomes just as fried as my high school seniors’, a relaxing, low key weekend on the lake with friends becomes an immeasurably valuable thing.

WalMart has not received their women’s summer hats yet, so now I own this ugly one. No sun burns for me, I’ve become a boring but responsible adult.

My present for the Bride!

The most amazing Harry Potter cookies baked by the talented Andrea (see above!)

Funny game involving underwear and marshmallows.

The weekend wrapped in time for me to go to church and eat with Koby’s family for Mother’s Day – I loved getting to see them before we had to head back to Colorado City.

Koby has an amazing mom, which is why I have an amazing husband!


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