First week of school… check!

Finally ready for the high school heathens… my art room!

My Jeep is filled with new smells courtesy of Hurricane Irene and this faulty back window.  Who knew we’d get rain in all the way out in West Texas?  I thought we were in a drought?  I’m not complaining…
I’m averaging about two of these per day … One for the morning classes and one for post-lunch kids.  Today I got through the first one by 2nd period.  Not good.
Lovie kept Knox at our house this week so Koby and I could get some extra sleep this first week of school.  We are so blessed and thankful to have such a giving grandmother for our sweet (and constantly hungry) baby.  Knox loves his Lovie!
Knox loves his Mommy too!  He had these smiles for me when I got home from school today.  Precious!  (Can you tell he’s been chowing down?  Lil’ chunk 🙂  )
Coach Andrews and the classic first day of school picture.  Also happens to be his first day of a new career picture.  So handsome!  He is my hero – he works from 6:30 in the morning to 8:00 pm at the earliest most nights, and he’s still smiling when he walks through the door in the evenings.  What a great coach/teacher/dad/husband!

 I hope you had a fantastic week, and if you live in Texas, that you got some rain too!  (Though hopefully it wasn’t in your car.)

life rearranged

2 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. I'm pretty sure Diet Cokes are crucial to getting through the day as a teacher (they are for me anyway!) Knox is an absolute doll! Yay for awesome grandparents! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!


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