We’re running on fumes in the Andrews household…  it’s been a busy few weeks and I think the sleep deprivation/long hours combo is taking its toll!  THANK GOODNESS for Labor Day and three-day weekends.

Last weekend Knox made his first appearance at a football game.  Gram and Pop were there to cheer him, I mean, the Wolves, on.  Doesn’t Gram look cute in her Red & Black?!

And Koby made his Varsity coaching debut last Saturday at the Wolves’ first game in Abilene at Shotwell.

This pint-sized specimen has taken over our queen-sized bed.  We are sans-sheets in this snapshot because he’s just peed on them.

Student, after being told he can play on the computer until we’re ready to take a quiz, “Can I just read?”  Me, **GRIN**.

I was really going to be organized and clean this year, but we’re too creative for that.  Check out what we did today in class – really fun!

In another life, I was a fat Italian woman who wooed countless men with my irresistible shell pasta recipes.  In this life my love affair is with carbohydrates and I am faithful.

Knox and I aren’t attending the game tonight because he has been having some snot issues and I am feeling the beginnings of a sore throat.  We had a chat about it and neither of us feel quite up to making the hour and a half trip tonight.  Wish we could be there to cheer for Daddy and the Wolves, though.  I hope you had a fulfilling week and that you get to stay home on Monday, too and do things that you love!

life rearranged



2 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. First time stopping by your blog! I'm stopping by from Life Rearranged. That baby is adorable 🙂 and that shell pasta looks delightful. I am a sucker for pasta of any kind.


  2. I love your InstaFriday. I want to play along, but you take way better pictures than me. I also love your blog and frequent it a little too often. (By too often I mean multiple times a day hoping for a new post.)


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