If It Has Heavy Cream, It Must Be Good

The things I cook taste this good, but why don’t they ever look this good?

Alright, I’ve been feeling like cooking lately.  It also helps that while I cleaned this weekend I found a bajillion recipe pages torn out from old Real Simple magazines.  And so, here we go again! (Round 3?)

COCINA DE ANDREWS!  Sans lung damage this time.

Creamy Chicken with Corn and Bacon
Grade: A

I swapped chicken for the shrimp it called for.  (Koby is allergic.)  This recipe is GREAT!  As I was making it, I realized it’s a lot like my mom’s Sauteed Chicken in Cream recipe that I grew up with, and now Koby has deemed an “A+”. Which is rare people, rare.  Those plusses are hard to come by.  All I added was some Parmesan cheese (because I didn’t think it had enough calories) and I don’t think I’d change anything else!  

Mushroom Sauce
Grade: A-

Lately cooking has been extra fun because I had some fresh bell peppers from a friend’s garden to cook with.  I used them in this recipe and also added garlic, 1/4 cup Marsala wine, Parmesan cheese, and switched cream of mushroom for the cream of chicken it called for.  To Koby’s delight, I used radiatore pasta instead of penne.  These little swirls held the sauce really well and they’re much more interesting shapes than the penne tubes, which is also fun for me.

I feel lame writing a post just about food, but I don’t have any anecdotes about nearly burning down the house and it’s almost my bed time.  Good night!


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