Goodbye, Student


If you weren’t already aware, I made the decision a few months ago to resign from my job as a seventh grade English teacher in order to stay home with the boys.  Because of Hayes’ seizures, developmental delays, and in order to give him the maximum amount of independence in the future, we knew it was time.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make; it’s one that’s been tugging at my gut for years, and now it feels like a relief.  There are a lot of uncertainties regarding the next few years, but … doesn’t that apply to any of us?  🙂

But it is a small heartbreak to walk away from the 72 (ish) kids I’ve taught now for a year and a half.  I’ve grown very attached and “invested both emotionally and academically” (to quote my resignation letter).  I know I haven’t posted much re: Hayes, the amazing things being done for him, our family happenings, or life  in general lately, as it’s been a MAD DASH to the end of the semester, but before I catch you all up I wanted to share the letter I sent home with my (other) kids yesterday.

I would have loved to write each of them a personal note, but lacking the time (and energy… and sanity), I came up with something I felt 100% about putting each of their names on.  They were indignant when I shed no tears today (my last day) at school, but they’ll never know how many I wiped away while I composed this in my head.

December 18, 2014

Dear _________________________________,

You (yes, YOU!) are reading this because I believe in you.  No, I didn’t have time to write letters of goodbye to each student, but I did sit down and think about the qualities I like about all of you. And I came up with three things:

  • your BRAIN. You (yes, YOU!) have been blessed with a magnificent, complex, working brain that is capable of creating incredible masterpieces, writing essays that give your teachers goosebumps, and solving problems that stump others around you. I hope you learn to use this brain to take ownership over your knowledge, because then you will begin to appreciate the invaluable gift of your education.  (And I really hope you use it on the STAAR test.)
  • your VOICE. You (yes, YOU!) have been given a voice, both figurative and literal.  I hope you use your literal voice to express your ideas and emotions clearly and effectively because it will both help you achieve your dreams and avoid trouble; I hope you use your figurative voice to stand up for those who don’t have a voice and to promote positive things in your community, state, and country.
  • your HEART. You (yes, YOU!) are kind and giving.  I know this because I’ve watched you help and serve others for a year and a half now, and recently I’ve experienced just how much you want to help my family and me.  I hope you listen to your heart when it tells you to seek out the hurting, to encourage the depressed, and to do what you know is right.

Thank you for teaching me for nearly two years.


Mrs. Andrews


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