Hope Is…


A few weeks ago, a fellow coach’s wife called me and invited me to speak at a group gathering in our community.  I didn’t really know what to make of the invitation, but I accepted; last night I shared my family’s story and my personal internal battles with a few dozen women from my town, and I was blessed because of it.

I know I haven’t blogged lately – I’ve really been feeling (lately) as if I have no business “telling” anyone anything, and sometimes I’m too (selfish and) distracted to even post about our medical updates.  Admittedly, I used to blog for the sole purpose of ‘enlightening’ others to my fantastic and funny thoughts (please read the sarcasm), and yet as I grow older and my worldview is broadened, I inspect my own ever-smaller place of experience and become more interested in hearing, watching, and filtering.

Last night reminded me that my story, despite its small scale, is valid, and while I may not have credibility on most areas of instruction (nor do I necessarily want it), I do know a good deal about the Truth.  And it is my responsibility to share those true things and to encourage others with my honesty as so many have bravely done for me during the past six months.

So, I have below the link to my (amateur iPhone) audio recording of my story last night.  Listen if you’d like.  I also need to share the exciting news that my Etsy store is now open!  Below the audio link is a picture of the cards I reference when I’m speaking, and below the photograph is a link to my Etsy store, where you can actually purchase the cards if you want!

Listen to the podcast here.  (It will open in a new window.)

Hope Is Coral Detail Etsy

Click here to visit my Etsy store. (It will open in a new window.)

*** Disclaimer about my podcast:  Please, please, PLEASE know that I know the correct usage of the word ‘literally’, despite my apparent ignorance of this knowledge while I was talking.  It FIGURATIVELY MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL that I used that word incorrectly about three times.

Also, when I reference the quotes that I stole, I’m speaking about the pastors at the Village Church.  You can check out their sermons here.

And when I talk about the mom blogging about her appreciation for her kids’ disobedience, I’m speaking about this blog post.

And lastly, please know that even though I refrained (almost completely) from being my usual foot-in-mouth, socially obscure self while speaking, I was totally normal Christie immediately before and afterwards, saying borderline inappropriate and uncomfortable things.  Too many feels, y’all.  In the good way.


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